The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.


One thing I noticed in the last 15 years is, in Summertime, no matter where, I bring the heat.

From the Desk Of... was recorded and released in 2005.
Sober Karaoke was recorded late 2005, and took off summer '06.
Same time, Tiffany's Song, Pretty Brown Eyes, Stutter, One More Time (remix) and Pride were melting MySpace.
Same summer, The Pink Lavalamp and The Binge Vol. 1 were recorded and released.

2007, believe it or not, I was more concerned with my students.
Still dropping heat, but only on and to the iPods of... really anyone or any-FDAlien that stopped by the studio.
October 2007, I made Brooklyn Girls.
Late November, I dropped it on MySpace, with a whole aresonal in the chamber to come after it.
Summer 2008, Brooklyn Girls is a hit.

And a whole chamber of artilery was loaded and let off in the subsequent months to come.

2009, Awkward, MBIA and (arguably) The Dead Zone burned.
It was weird for me, because I was in a different time zone and climate for most of it.

2010 was insane, but I still dropped Autumn Harvest, LWord3 and ReIntervention.
At year's end, I was incarcerated.

From a halfway house, I dropped CATS Can.
And never looked back.

2012 summer was dramatic, 2013 summer was cold, 2014 summer was a big date between me and Harlem, 2015 I was signed to a major and couldnt do much.

Summer '16-'19, I blacked out.

Maybe its because I think Im sexy when Im making music and sweating.

Still, Im usually alone.
Or in some dire situation where making it out alive is as valuable as the music.

This summer is shaping up to be unparalleled.

...and I might not be alone during the process of making said heat.

Making me my own priority might ruffle some feathers, but its necessary.
For the acceptance of compliments and motivation for execution.

The Hermit, yall.

=The Immortal=


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