Conservative Queer (instrumental album)

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Hypergoth! critical review

 My dad is a tough critic. He hates hip-hop and feels I can do better.

But he likes Hypergoth!.

That's a good feeling.

I worked very hard on this album. I'm speaking for those curious about the darkness and weary of the light.

 I myself am very critical of the album. My voice is kinda different because I gained weight and was battling a cold. But I'm wearing a pentagram t-shirt under my pink and black stripped button down, as well as a backpack with my MacBook, my Tarot deck and a New Testament/Psalms Bible. I had all the answers at my disposal.

Also, I didn't only sample Curtis Mayfield's #Superfly album. I sampled his #SweetExorsist album and James Brown's "Hell" album. Deeeeeeply rooted Black visions of a darkness beyond segregation. The goal is to open the door to Goth Subculture for fellow lost people, and to show Gothic youth that there are ways to channel your rage and overall energy.

Rock w/ me, now!!!!!


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