The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Everyday Podcasts

 The opinion of modern hip-hop is low, but the fear of the modern hip-hopper is high. The little bit of skills you see coming from upcoming Freshman (XXL) and co-signatures are outweighed by the fear of getting clapped. I don't think anyone nowadays can rap. Or hold a candle to those who can. Yet the forum is open for so many people to voice their opinion on well-paid-for product. 

Not every number one record is fully requested by the people.
Not every low-number song is a flop.

I used to tell StarChasers that if they truly love the music, they should request it at radio stations. The music is/was readily available to any DJ or radio host (via shareable links). It's just a matter of whether people will use their voice. In some respects, people decided to be stingy with me and my music. A beautiful thing. All I needed was the verification that I am in high demand.

I have my verification, though.

And all of you are watching.

Could you imagine if Jay-Z were to start a podcast? All hell would break loose. Finally, a huge figure in music and politics is sharing his opinion on a forum of his own. Not that he would ever think about it, but... I want to do something on that level.

I'm doing it with my YouTube channel. As shy as I am, I'm going in with my channel.

More to be said, but I think I said enough.



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