The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Electronic Christmas wishlist pt.1

 I wish I could think less for this StarChaser-funded project. SO MUCH THOUGHT went into Hypergoth! that it corroded my nasal passage. Swear to God. Ask about overknowing something. In fact, don't. You can only get it here. 

When you know too much, it clogs your nasal passage.

And when you speak from your soul, you sound nasal-y.

I was spitting soulful, Gothic poetry over free-flowing Curtis Mayfield flips. Throughout the album are subliminal messages about Gothic subculture. You can expect to hear some more of the same from Electronic Christmas. But I want it to come from the soul, not the mind.

Why am I making such a soul-binding album IN A HOLLYWOOD STUDIO?!

There are no telling how many spirits would be floating through the studio. Be it new celebs or old-times, looking to chase a thrill. All I know is I am going to put on a SHOW for my StarChasers.

Everything is calling for a time-out after this album. So I gotta give it my all. I know I said I was out after... like, "The Socratic Doomer", but I keep getting requests to stay on the mic. I don't want to sound redundant on the mic. That's why I always flirt with the idea of retirement. Plus, I have a mental disorder that needs care. 

After the album comes the performance. After the performance comes the video. After the video comes the tour. Then back around. I'm not confident in my health to do so. I am easily triggered still, bad anxiety, and I don't like anyone outside of my immediate circle. Including the fellas at the halfway house I'm at.

Once I get my own place and get my laptop camera fixed, I plan to do some YouTube series-es. The Hamilton Quazar was a hit, and The Order of Charles Hamilton got some things shaking in my life. I think I got another one in me.

I really just need to rest. My feet are in bad shape, my voice is going (cigs and weed, y'all), my hair is gray-ing... and I feel like I'm beating a dead horse on the mic. Time reveals all. With that said, don't be mad at my absence after Electronic Christmas.

Still on streaming.

Waiting on you! 



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