The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.


At this point, I'm not looking for much. I don't need an industry co-sign. Jimmy Iovine co-signed me. That's the guy that signed Dr. Dre, 2Pac and Eminem. Technically in that order. I don't need a big feature. I was Max B's final feature before he went to prison. I'm good in Harlem forever. Speaking of Harlem, I have a track with Vado we never finished. But that's besides the point. I'm not looking for a deal. WAY too many politics. I sign with one, I lose the other as an ally. I don't want that.

DJ Nick wants to do a tape with me, where I rap over Trap beats. Sounds like a good idea, but Trap is an altogether DIFFERENT rhythm. That's why The Industry and I aren't getting along. I'm uptempo in some areas, and laid back in others. They are trying to mix Hood with EDM. And it's working. A few of my DJ friends send me Trap remixes where they don't even filter the Trap beat. They just throw EDM drums on top of the Trap record and... fuck!, it works... 

I'm not into that.

I'm into HOUSE Music. Yeah, Techno, Dance and Jungle is dope, but... I'm talkin' HOUSE. Ask DJ Jazzy Jeff about THE HOUSE. I'm tryna Rock The House. Rock The Casbah, as The Clash would say. If you ain't tryna ROCK THE HOUSE, steer clear of me. California... better yet, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA!!! Y'all are already dooin it. Now imagine dooinit in EGYPT, WITH AND IN FRONT OF EVERYONE... that's what I'm ready for. I love the love I get from Cali. I'm nervous when it comes to the Gs, because damn. We know each other. Personally and professionally. So it's kinda awkward to be bowed down to, when I enforced that niggas on the East bow down to y'all...

"No, no, don't thank me. It's just how my suit is stitched."
-Jay-Z, "Thank You"

I've been in contact with Blu (Blu and Exile, fellow XXL freshman member). I thought we had a problem, but nah. He's cool. You can expect some work from us. And yes, there is another 3rd Eye Magic project in the works. Chris is starting to see my vision. 

Like I said.

House, or shut your mouth.

And my record was wiped clean.


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