The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

The Galaxy Trio

How well do you know Daft Punk?
How much has Eminem influenced/inspired you?

Well, they're the focus of "PastLove", "Far, Far Away", and now, "Co-Existence".
Knowing them/loving them has been what keeps me sane and alive nowadays.

Let me start here. As much as I love George, Jack and Dilla, I have my needs. And I cater to them (GeorgeJackandDilla) more than I do myself. To my understanding, they have their needs as well. Thing is, they aren't shy about going out to satisfy them. George has a baby mama, so does Jack, and Dilla is... well, dead. Point is, when they need their "me" time, they go out and get it. 

Where does that leave me?

In 2015, this picture was taken. 
I was MEDDED OUT OF MY MIND, and EVIL as I wanted to be.
My mom introduced me to The Hobby Sisters, who were not only daughters of her college friends John and Wendy, but avid listeners of my music.
They're to my right (according to my perspective in the picture).
To the left is the beautiful Paige L. 
I've known her since she was a baby, and been protective from a distance.
Even if she needs protection from me.

Long story (and Illuminati wonders) short, you are looking at The Unsuited Daft Punk and The Real Slim Shady. 
Best of luck finding them, because they're doing their thing in TheAstralPlane.
Even still, meeting them put A LOT in perspective for me.
So much so, I don't even think I should be writing this.

But yeah.

I'm talking about them on 

Far, Far Away



I hope they know I cherish knowing them, and that being in my world means being talked about all the time. In my various forms of media.

So yeah. Daft and Em are The Galaxy Trio.
A direct competition to FOUR (me included).




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