The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Test viles

So #TheBirthdayGas has been administered to a few patients. They shall remain nameless. Anonymous, rather. And though they enjoyed the afterlife, they weren't crazy about the resurrection.

Apparently, it hurt.

Well, that's where we are. What's the point of murder if it's not gonna hurt? I think that question is best answered by every gangsta in America. There's almost no such thing as a righteous kill. There are vigilantes, and The Boondocks Saints was a great movie, but no one murders without the intent of at least HURTING their victim.

I had a funny thought. What if the only people spared were 9th Wonder and Eminem? You think that'll cheer me up for my birthday? Lol shit, it would! But I in fact have many loved ones. I will be sparing with my infamous Love, nevertheless. People feel they can do or say whatever pops into their head about me. Loved ones, too. At the same time, MANY people still see me as a/the baby. 

Strange how it turns out that way.



Eddie Murphy 0fficial lyrics

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