The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Internet As An Opp

The WiFi has been down for almost a week at the house. And my Obamaphone isn't fast enough to carry out the tasks I need it to. So I been limited in what I can do/say online. Outside of the fact that I been avoiding controversy, no matter how rough the attempts are at me saying anything. 

Just know, I see you all.

I may just have fixed the speaker! Apparently, Baddie (the previous owner) had some water damage to it, so that's why it shorts out. But it still charges and, if I mess with the AUX cable, it will play sound. Now all I need is a flat surface to lay it on. 

My lives are usually from my bedroom.

On another note, within 3 days, 60 new beats! 
As you can tell, I'm really excited for the next studio session. Fresh ideas, fresh grooves... still the same loser.

I want to take the time to publicly apologize to Chris Rivera. He called me about a week ago, and I was Saturn high. Just weed, for those keeping score, but it scared him. I don't want to lose him as a friend, supporter or StarChaser. It was a rough evening, and he caught me off my A game. 

It won't happen again.

So far, the title for the new project is "Comin' Thru W/ The Future". It's a quote of mine from "Gadzooks!", a song you can find in The Hamilton, Charles Era (click here). I'm not gonna tell you which project, because (1) you should know and (2) you can search the Google Drive link for the song. The overall project is dope, nevertheless. If you have any suggestions, hit me up. 

Twitter: @charleshamilton
IG: @thtlntdmrhmltn


CashApp: $thephenom718

As much as I hated him, I want to be just like my dad. Just an AWESOME figure in life itself.

Off the subject.

Hopefully the speakers lasts until tomorrow. I have some plans and some GREAT sounds. Can't wait for you to check 'em out. 
Eventually, I plan to reveal what I'm so secretive about. It's moreso up to y'all and how open minded y'all are. 

Wait. I told you guys already. The Black Market. smh I'm out of things to say. Just up to me to...




Vigilante 0fficial release

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