The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

King Charles Hamilton! King Charles the Hamilton!

War Fares

The battle between The Devil and God over my spirit hit a fever pitch today. 

I tried to set up my turntables to do some mixes for the show. The deck wouldn't work, the songs wouldn't play... it was a mess. So I decided to dooit on my laptop (scratches, blends, etc.). It worked for a while, but then the hard drive blew out! Not to mention that my 8 TB DRIVE dropped to the floor and doesn't work anymore!

So today was rough.

One of the songs I had cued up to play was "God Exists", of the project "@SEGA". As I tried to transition, it appears that GodExists BLEW OUT the deck.

It is a powerful song.

So I tweeted "God exists, y'all", to let you know what's going on.

The Devil wanted me to keep DJing, despite all the fails that were going on. The Devil is also next door, obnoxiously playing Spanish music.

There's a war going on. For souls. Not just my soul.

Who is your master? You can't serve 2 masters.

Technically, there are 4 masters.

Which one is the right one?



*Xarles* on Live @ 12

^ ^ ^ Xarles is the abducted-by-Xenomorphs version of King Charles. Can/will he return? Find out next week! #beseated