The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Heart tears (pronounced tarez)

Tears do come from your eyes. Tears occur mostly in paper. But the universe is paper thin. So tears lead to tears. I hope you follow. 

I start this entry like this because it's not easy to NOT acknowledge someone you have an affinity for due to fear of being blacklisted. With that said, I was a quiet Trump supporter. Not Republican, not fame chasing, but I believed that a New Yorker being president would boost our country. 

Trump didn't do a bad job. The job rate went up (unemployment went down), and the violence in the country was due to protest. Yes, racism came into play. But not by Trump. He only said what an old school New Yorker would say when pissed off and having to play the public because he's a public figure. wrote a piece on all the things he did right, and they are a very trusted source on all things politics. 

So Trump isn't a presidential villain.

He uses his NY State of Mind to propel him further.

I'm a Trump fan. He's radical, intelligent, street smart, and in-your-face. Long story short, don't arrest Trump. That will lead to an uprising The US has never seen before. In areas long ignored. 

It wasn't long ago that every rapper wanted to be Donald Trump. Trump tapped into an algorithm that led him to be the most hated man in the world. Alas, that's what happens when you enter the political arena.

Clearly, I know more about Donald Trump and how he gets down than your average. Without sharing too much, I know that arresting and convicting Trump would not be a good move. In White America and in The Hood.

Be smart, Attorney General (or whoever is bringing it to Trump). You think you are resolving a matter, when in reality, you're making things worse for the country. 

Since when did Stormy Daniels become a matter of national security? Trump probably hit her off with a few dollars so she could not embarrass him. That's logical, really. Still, I know there are people who will blast me for saying paying off a porn star is good politics. 

Remember. I had Lacey Duvalle in my first mainstream video.
She was properly compensated.

Trump brought so much good to politics that America doubted the blessings, thus making it more difficult to receive. Rudy Giuliani was his running mate. The US doubted, so it became Mike Pence. Pence couldn't stay loyal, so now he's attacking Trump. All Trump was trying to do was bring the New York flavor to The White House.

I'm not wrong. Yet there will be people who will hate me for this post. Just know that Trump was trying to open your mind like West 4th Street, with the aggression of Harlem, swagger of Queens, steadiness of Brooklyn and crowd control of The Bronx.

Trump kept it real.



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