The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

A Hamilton-less Grammys

I didn't watch The Grammys AT ALL this year. Part of it isn't my fault. The guys in the halfway house didn't want to watch it, albeit they felt I belonged there. So I saw clips of it on Twitter (or X or whatever). I'll break it down ignorantly:

  • I'm happy for and proud of Killer Mike. He's been at it for a long time, HE GOT SKILLS, and having listened to the album when it dropped (3Stacks brought me there), it's a worthy album.
  • Miley Cyrus finally got a Grammy. Congrats! All I'll say, since my jungle fever lust for her has led a few people to use my platform (my blog) against me. So, with nothing held against her, congratulations.
  • Allison Russell is the future of music. Look her up.
  • Very happy for SZA, disappointed for Ice Spice.
  • Taylor Swift is the Lisa Simpson of the music business. DEFINITE overachiever. Said with love.

I don't know who won Producer of the Year, but it's nice to see that Dr. Dre has a heavy administrative role in The Grammys. You can bank on Black Music being BETTER represented.

I did notice that A LOT of White women were celebrated. I believe it was The Beatles that said "the woman is the nigger of the world". They were probably talking about White women. Karens, if you will. Well, obviously this was their Civil Rights night. Can't be mad. I just encourage my people of color who are ON the Grammy committee to submit MORE AND BETTER albums. Really, NOTHING in the last year was worthy of a Grammy. Not even Pop, not even Rock. It was a bad year for music (*COUGH* Hypergoth! *COUGH*). Still and all, The Grammys remain a night to look forward to.

Guess I gotta search YouTube for this one.
Sorry, Hollywood.

New music, on the way!!!



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